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Judgment Minnesota is a subsidiary of Signature Capital, Minnesota. We offer creditors throughout the country the opportunity to sell their outstanding judgment if the debtor resides in Minnesota. Our team comprises experienced financial analysts and legal experts who have been working in judgment investment for years.

We will conduct a thorough financial analysis and offer the best rates on your outstanding judgments. Our agents will manage all the legalities associated with judgment transfers.

We’re a judgment buying agency in Minnesota who can help you settle a debt after a judgment in your favor. Call us for a consultation today and we will help you overcome your financial loss from uncollected and non-enforced judgments.

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Our Services

We offer following judgment services


Judgment Minnesota has been working in Minnesota for years, helping our clients get compensations on their outstanding debt judgments. We work with individuals and organizations to buy off unpaid liens on real estate, cars and other forms of property. If you are stuck with a judgment that you can’t enforce, book an appointment with our consultants to help find a way out of your financial burdens.


Judgment Minnesota specializes in helping judgment creditors receive compensation for their debt liens. Enforcing judgments can be difficult, since many individuals have their properties protected against judgment or are simply difficult to locate. Instead of waiting on your creditors to pay, sell us your judgments in Minnesota.


Once we have bought judgments from creditors, we possess the legal authority to conduct investigations and seize assets to ensure that all payments owed to us are made. To ensure that no untoward incident takes place and to expedite debt collection, we also arrange suitable terms to any debtors who may owe their judgment payments to you. We offer convenient payment plans that best suit everyone’s interests.

Cross State
Judgment Buying

Judgment collections are already a very complicated matter within Minnesota. They can become even more so if the judgment needs to be enforced across state lines.
Legal complications and differences in state regulations can make debt enforcement very frustrating. We will buy off your judgments and liens to compensate you for your outstanding judgments.


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Looking for someone to buy out your creditors? Look no further!

Why Work With Judgment Minnesota?

Judgment Minnesota has been working in judgment investments for quite a while. Our time spent in the industry has allowed us to create accurate evaluations and assessment for outstanding judgments. Our agents will offer the best rates on any outstanding/non-enforced judgments, while also expediting the legal process of transferring your judgments.

Since we possess an in-depth insight into the legal and financial aspects of judgment collection, our agents can also help you devise ways to collect on your investment. To help the people of Minnesota overcome their financial troubles, we offer our services within Minnesota and will also buy outstanding judgments passed in other states.

Our organization is streamlined to expedite the process of judgment collection and to this end our work is based on the following principles:

  • Accurate financial assessments of outstanding debts.
  • Cash Payments for all judgments we buy.
  • Expedited judgment transfers.

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