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Expert Consultancy And The Best Rates For Outstanding Debt Judgments

Judgment Minnesota has been working in Minnesota for years, helping our clients get compensations on their outstanding debt judgments. We work with individuals and organizations to buy off unpaid liens on real estate, cars and other forms of property.  If you are stuck with a judgment that you can’t enforce and want to sell it, book an appointment with our consultants to help find a way out of your financial burdens.

Judgment Acquisition Services

The core of our services revolves around buying outstanding judgments from our clients. When you get in touch with us, our agents will assess the value of your judgment. At this point we will make a reasonable quote at which we will buy off your liens. This valuation is carried out on the basis of a thorough and extensive financial analysis. If you wish to sell us your judgment at this rate, our agents will initiate the judgment transfer process.

It’s always our intent to expedite any transfers and make the most reasonable offers for our clients in Minnesota and across the country in situations where the debtor lives in Minnesota. For those who wish to recover their losses at the earliest, we will make cash payments.

Collection Consultancy

As a judgment buying agency, we use all possible legal means at our disposal to collect on any judgments we buy. As such we have the rights to conduct investigations, legally seize assets, garnish wages and bank accounts. We also offer consultancy to debtors to create a convenient payment path for debtors to make judgment payments to ease the collection process.

Cross State Judgment Acquisition Services

Enforcing your judgments across state lines can be a huge hassle considering the legal complications that arise from legislative conflicts. We will buy off your debt judgments that have to be enforced across states so you can avoid having to deal with the complications yourself. Call us today for a quote on any outstanding judgments in different states.


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